Chemistry West Lab Renewal, U of A

Edmonton, AB


Project Description

Location: Edmonton, AB

This project included the renewal and modernization of two levels of the Gunning-Lemieux Chemistry Centre (Chemistry West) at the University of Alberta. It began as a single floor level of approximately 900 square meters, but partway through construction additional funding was received and another floor level of approximately 900 square meters was added. The original 1960’s building has a traditional layout with a central, double-loaded corridor. As part of the re-planning for this project, the corridor was relocated to the west exterior wall thereby providing a larger contiguous space in which to accommodate the program elements. The program included research chemistry laboratories (synthetic/analytical, organic and instrumentation), dry laboratories, a seminar room, offices and meeting rooms. Offices were consolidated and located outside of the labs. The labs were designed as a series of standard modules, with shared lab support spaces. Having a standard lab module provides for future flexibility and allows research groups to expand and contract accordingly.