EIFW, New Principal Entrance Building & Industries Building

Edmonton, AB


Project Description

Location: Edmonton, AB

Size: Principal Entrance Building: 1884 m2  Industries Building: 1480 m2  

The project includes development of a new Principal Entrance Building, Industries Building and a Secured Sally port to increase functional, operational and security efficiencies at the Institute.

The new Principal Entrance Building act as a main single entry and exit pint for the staff and visitors to the institution. The control post complete with all supporting functions moved from existing Main building to new Principal Entrance Building. The Principal Entrance Building incorporate a Principal Entrance; Admission and Discharge; Visit & Correspondence and Emergency Response Team. It also provides supporting functions including Administration and Finance Department; National Parole Board Room and Staff Changing Facilities.

A new secured fenced vehicle sally port added to provide security and ease of supervision of service vehicle from the control post. The institute secured perimeter fence realigned to meet institute security requirements.


The Industries Building Incorporate Institutional Services; Material Management, Food Services department complete with shared support areas to meet Institute Program Requirements.