Fort Edmonton Park, Historic Replication Projects

Edmonton, AB


Project Description

Location: Edmonton, AB 


The Fort Edmonton Historical Foundation retained our firm to reproduce two historic Edmonton commercial structures in Fort Edmonton Park.  The buildings were designed and detailed from programs and historical black and white photographs supplied by the client.  Interior work included the design and construction of furnishings visually authentic to the period, including commercial display cabinets and a marble topped bar of carved oak.  The Reed’s building is modeled from photos as it existed in 1912-1913, when it burned to the ground.  The Sun Drugstore / Bill’s Confectionery was constructed from original drawings produced in the early 1920s.



Two others projects were completed in the Park:

  • The AGT Country Telephone Exchange, reconstructed in 1995. This clinker brick building is a replication of an existing 1923 AGT country telephone exchange that still stands in St. Paul, Alberta. It is designed to house historical telephone exhibits;
  • The Firkin Residence . This original 1913 residence was moved to Fort Edmonton in 1992 and restored  in 1998. We provided extensive interior and exterior work, including the reconstruction of the exterior stone fireplace and chimney with the original masonry units.