Innovation Incubator, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB


Project Description

Size: 4,300 m2 (46,300 ft2)

Location: University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

The new Student Innovation Centre in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) is a collaborative workspace for professors, graduate students, fellows and undergraduate students. By providing a central hub for this connectivity, students can be inspired to further develop great ideas, then encouraged and supported to pursue the critical next steps required for a start-up venture. The Innovation Incubator is the most recent design project based on the latest understanding of the learning methods and structures for Millennials, Generation Y, and Generation Z students.

The Innovation Centre was designed to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and provide a hub within the Faculty of Science. Students are able to reach out to other areas across campus and build upon strengths within the facility. Flexibility is also a key component forming spaces that can grow, evolve, and change to suit the future demands and technologies that may be required to expand the initial program.


The Innovation Incubator includes makerspaces, presentation spaces, libraries, labs, bookable project rooms, conferencing rooms, open seating areas, and a growing network of equipment at the student's disposal.