Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research

Edmonton, AB


Location: University of Alberta North Campus, Edmonton, AB
Size: 68,000 m2 (732,000 ft2) – combined HRIF (39,000m2 for KATZ)
Cost: $450 million – combined HRIF, including specialized lab fit-outs

The Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research is one of two distinct entities which together make up the University of Alberta’s Health Research Innovation Facility (HRIF): a world-class research and teaching facility. Current occupants are conducting research in viral immunology, biochemistry, cardiovascular and gastroenterology, to name only a few. The facility also has a 220-seat lecture theatre, teaching and learning centre, imaging facility, glass wash facility and Vivarium. Designed to be flexible and modular, the facility maximizes efficient use of space and supports adaptation to future needs.

This building provides the main entrance to the complex and becomes the critical link between the Medical Sciences Building and the Heritage Medical Research Centre. The lecture theatre, teaching and learning centre and a food outlet are located within the Atrium, which encourages interaction amongst researchers and provides important links to existing circulation systems. The included classrooms accommodate a wide-range of multi-media, audio-visual, data communication requirements, and instructional-related laboratory spaces for students and collaborative meeting areas.


The buildings are connected to the existing Heritage Medical Research Centre and the Medical Sciences Building and have become part of a complex of interrelated facilities, which together form an impressive health sciences research complex. The buildings are home to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry; the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences; the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. Assessments, redevelopment, and upgrades were undertaken in adjacent facilities including the Medical Sciences Building and Heritage Medical Research Centre.