KBH Accounting

Edmonton, AB


Project Description

Size: 1,200 m2 (12,900 ft2)

Location: Edmonton, AB

The interior demolition of an outdated mixed-use commercial space left a clean slate for the new office of KBH Accounting, one that provides an improved experience for both clients and staff through bold colours and finishes and free-flowing circulation throughout the space.

The new exterior Vestibule leads to a large entry and reception with distinctive characteristics; multiple curves form the reception desk which is highlighted by a copper penny floor that provides a dramatic first impression and wayfinding for visitors. A large curved fireplace separates the public and private spaces.

Stand-alone rows of semi-private offices frame an open studio with workstations, promoting staff interaction and providing a positive employee experience. Interior walls stop short of the vaulted ceiling space, creating an open-concept feel while still providing privacy with sliding barn doors along the banks of offices. The ample use of glazing within perimeter offices allows natural light to filter through to the open studio.

Interior finishes compliment the corporate branding, using bold colours to highlight architectural features. The use of glass, glossy tile and bright copper add a layer of reflectance that is contrasted by natural wood and warm colours in the more personal spaces.

The end result of the 1,200 m2 fit-up is a comfortable modern office that reflects the personality and brand of the Client.