Kennedale Traffic Operations Complex

Edmonton, AB


Project Description


Location: Edmonton, AB

Upon completion of Kennedale Traffic Operations and Pavement Management Services Master Plan, we have been competitively selected to provide architectural and prime consulting services to relocate to the Northeast Transportation and Streets Yard facilities.

West Site - Transportation Traffic Field Operations (relocation of Huffman Yard Traffic Operations at 95th Street)

Traffic Field Operations provide services for the fabrication and installation of the wide variety of permanent street signs and parking meters throughout the city, pavement markings and line stripping, as well as various temporary detour and road construction information signs and barricades.

The new building component accommodating relocated and consolidated Traffic Field Operations includes the following key facilities:  Signing Shop (overhead signs, barricades, detour and sign offices), Pipe and Paint Shop (DMS storage, road paint, pipe storage), Parking Meters, Vehicle Garages, Stores and Administration Offices and Staff Support Areas.



East Site - Pavement Management & Road Maintenance Services (expansion of the existing NE Transportation & Streets Yard)

The Pavement Management component provides services for asphalt and concrete pavement applications and repairs, and inspection of road and sidewalk conditions.

The project expanded the existing staff support (lockers, showers, washrooms, lunch room) and administrative areas, as well significantly increased heavy vehicle garage capacity to 20 more parking bays and including increased maintenance capacity (wash bay, shop, storage yard). Additional yard improvements were also implemented and included exterior ice-melting storage tanks, paved area and a number of fire hydrants that provide fill-up services for street cleaning trucks.

West Site new construction (Traffic Operations) was awarded LEED® Gold Canada-NC in April 2018.