PCL Module Yard Office and Lunchroom

Nisku, AB


Project Description

Location: Nisku, AB

Green: Awarded 2 Green Globes

Located in the second biggest energy focused park in North America, this office and lunchroom will be the central gathering point on the large PCL Module Yard. The modules assembled here in Nisku are the basic building blocks of modern energy complexes, used in the construction of advanced oilsand extraction rigs, upgraders, refineries, and petrochemical plants.  As a foundational 'feeder' into  Alberta's economy the design principles on the building reflect the modern approach to business in the province: efficient, durable yet flexible, sustainable, and people focused.


Adjacency consideration and circulation flow are paramount in the design for peak load operations and to accommodate typical “rush” periods around shift change. Modest offices are located on the second floor and special acoustical solutions were developed to mitigate noise transfer between the lunch area and the offices. The client wished to pursue an alternative ‘Green’ measurement other than LEED on this projects and through consultation it was decided to pursue Green Globes.