Provincial Court - Renovation & Addition

Wabasca-Desmarais, AB


Project Description

Location: Wabasca-Desmarais, AB

Size: 1289 m2 

The scope of project encompassed modernization of an existing Provincial Courthouse plus the addition of a new Sally-Port. The main goal of modernization is to increase functional, operational and security efficiencies of an existing facility. The modernization of Provincial Courthouse was a multi-phased project. The construction carried out in four phases to ensure the continuous court operations and public safety.



The modernization includes addition of a new secure sally port, new holding cells and sheriff’s area, new day’s offices, new probation office, improved consultation space for private meetings, new witness room and reconfiguration of general office area. The courtroom received functional, technology and barrier free upgrades complete with new prison dock. The reception and waiting renovated to improve public experience.

The facility overall received technology and barrier free upgrades throughout to meet current best practices and standards.