South Campus Transit Centre

Edmonton, AB


Project Description


Size: 1,200 m2

Cost: $32 million

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The South Campus LRT Station and Transit Centre is a continuation of the open-air surface platform concept used by the City of Edmonton. The facility includes a 4-car platform (with the potential for expansion to 5 cars), a heated transit centre with stalls for 14 buses, a bus transfer station, a traction substation, an electrical/communications centre, and amenity space for transit employees.

The roof on the LRT platform and transit centre uses a Teflon-coated fibreglass membrane to provide diffused natural light during the day and reflected indirect light in the evenings. This provides ambient lighting for the users and illuminates the station to pedestrians and vehicle traffic in the surrounding area.


The design of this LRT station was inspired by elements of the prairie landscape:

  • morning and evening clouds capture light and diffuse colours
  • birch and poplar trees found on the prairies
  • shapes carved into the sand by the wind
  • snow as it drifts across the prairie landscape