Spartan Controls

Edmonton, AB


Project Description

Office Expansion: 3,450 m2 (37,000 ft2)

Warehouse Expansion: 3,020 m2 (32,500 ft2)

Cost: $16 million

Location: Edmonton, AB

To accommodate current and future growth, the Spartan Controls Expansion and Upgrade was extensive and required complex phasing as the client needed to maintain daily operation throughout the construction period.

Expansion involved a two-phase warehouse extension totalling 3,020 sq m as well as modernization of existing warehouse space due to reconfiguration of departmental layouts. Warehouse spaces included multiple bays, cranes, mezzanines, workshops and high bay racking. In addition to new offices, support spaces included meeting, training, and locker rooms.

A three storey Office Building addition was constructed, totalling 3,450 sq m. The Interior was designed as an intimate open office concept with flexibility for departmental growth. To ease the employee transition from closed offices to open offices, workstation layouts were created with privacy and sight lines in mind and broken up with multi-use work rooms and drywall partitions, keeping noise transfer to a minimum. The interior finishes include a variety of materials, patterns, and textures with an emphasis on strong lines to create a modern office with appealing lounges, break rooms, and circulation space.

All new construction was properly integrated with existing spaces so that expansion was seamless both through the interior and exterior. Future additions and repurposing of existing spaces include a fitness centre, new staff cafeteria, and large landscaped outdoor patio.


Green building objectives were always emphasized throughout design and construction. Placement of Windows were optimized for Daylighting, Building Envelope design was complimented with highly efficient mechanical systems, and Interior Finish Materials were chosen with sustainability in mind.